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    Taking care of the transparency of our activities and respect for private and institutional clients, we make every effort to ensure that our work is transparent and based on applicable law. Such assumptions mean that all necessary materials, tender documents, information and leaflets are available for download on our websites. The menioned materials are placed in designated places where in a transparent and intuitive way allow interested parties a quick and full insight into processes and projects in which the WARM-Technologies Sp. z o.o. company participates.

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    We do not look into the future, we create the future in the present!"


    The company's department, on the basis of which the WARM-Technologies company was created. WARM-Energy provides the solutions of electricity for the 21st century. We started from developing our own electricity generation technology based on the Stirling engine. Currently, we offer solutions that increase the efficiency of converting solar energy into electricity.



    The patient's well-being and safety are the values that guide us in the selection and development of products from the WARM-Medical offer. Warm-Medical makes every effort to ensure that more and better products appear in our offer. Through the examination of the market expectations, we try to satisfy them without delay, by constantly expanding the range of the assortment. In addition, many years of experience has resulted in the creation of innovative medical equipment that facilitates and simplifies the implementation of both specialized surgery and other important stages of treatment.



    The newest department of the meeting of contemporary water management problems. As WARM-Ecowater, we advise and implement solutions to the most important problems. We offer innovative solutions from the so-called ecosystem biotechnology and know-how, developed and gained in numerous projects and long-term national and international research.


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    About as

    The WARM-Technologies Sp. z o.o. was created from the merger of the business and science world. Thanks to possessed and acquired knowledge, we undertake ambitious projects that ensure the continuous development of our products and services, as well as the implementation of the sustainable development mission. Our team consists of people who are specialists in their fields. Continuous development of competencies allows us to follow our clients and business partners in accordance with the WARM-Technologies doctrine: "We do not look into the future, we create the future in the present!"

    We provide services in the field of development and implementation research (R & D sector). The foundations of our activity are scientific knowledge and business experience, on the basis of which we have created three main pillars of our activity: WARM-Energy, WARM-Medical, WARM-Ecowater.

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    WARM-Technologies is actively looking for scientific and business partners who are guided by the common goal of developing innovative technologies related to the medical industry, renewable energy source, management and protection of water resources. We invite to cooperation: the scientists with innovative solutions (research and development and implementation works, license agreements for patents and other), entrepreneurs looking for partnerships in the distribution of products, local governments, foundations, associations and local communities seeking reliable knowledge and support.
    We currently cooperate with:

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    Warm-Technologies Sp. z o.o.

    9, Aleksandrowska Street
    95-070 Rąbień
    Tel. +48 (0) 690 989 081
    E-mail: biuro@warm-technologies.com.pl

    Identification numbers of company in Poland
    TINs: PL-7252073835
    KRS: 0000499352
    REGON: 101735746

    GPS: 51.7988, 19.3226

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